Who avoid problems,
does not have to solve them later

Basically a Risk might be an undertaking and its unknown result. Or in other words: A Risk concerns the deviation of a result of a future event from their expected value. Maybe a Risk is just a potential event with corresponding consequences…

Anyway – people are fascinated about the unforeseeability of future events and treat them as a challenge.

Risks wake curiosity and thirst for knowledge; they give inspiration and courage for taking a risk or business activity respectively…

So Risks are a natural part of our life, with all its positive and negative aspects. To deal with Risks means to be aware of everything surrounding us and to think in advance,

… in order to be always one step ahead …

Consequently Risk-Management and Insurances are not unpleasant necessities or “dry” topics, because:

Success or fiasco of each enterprise depends also on the economical risk calculation

„The key factor for success is
the way in which expedition is prepared,
the ability to foresee dangers and taking precautions.
Victory awaits those having everything in order.
People call it luck…
Defeat is certain for those being not prepared.
People call it bad luck…“

(Roald Amundsen – Southpole explorer)
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